We take ownership of your success.


Sweetpea Mobile is a mobile-centric software strategy, design and development agency that helps organizations make the transformation into the mobile world.

We believe success in mobile goes beyond just about designing beautiful, high-performance apps fast. It’s about managing change to reach sustainable goals and ensure the best outcomes for your business. Sometimes this creates a shift in an organization’s mindset, culture, structure and skills.

That’s why project ownership and long-term thinking are our most important values. We tackle your problems as if they’re our own. And we’re vigilant about striking the right balance between long-term value and short-term results.


Our core principles

The following guiding principles not only represent our core company values, they also serve as an internal roadmap that drives our hiring and decision making.

1. Ownership

Every project is everyone’s job at Sweetpea Mobile. We act on behalf of your company, beyond our own team, to ensure your goals are met.

2. Spotlight on the User

We start with the needs of your customers and users. Then we identify what is remarkable about your business and project, and reflect it in our work.

3. High Standards

There are always budgets and deadlines to meet. But our high standards always push us to prioritize quality and long-term value over short-term results.

4. Simplified Innovation

True innovation makes your offering unique. But when it’s complex or esoteric, it defeats the purpose. We clear a path to innovation by making it simple and painless. 

5. Depth of Insight

When we find a problem, we’re not afraid to peel back the onion to find the solution. Everyone at Sweetpea Mobile operates at all levels, from high-level strategic thinking down to the nitty-gritty details. 

6. Earned Trust

We listen attentively, speak candidly and treat others respectfully. We do things right consistently to earn your trust. And when we make decisions together, we’re completely transparent about all options and outcomes.


Our Team

Pietro Rea

Founder, Mobile App Development
& Software Architecture


David Parmelee

UX Strategy, 
UI & Mobile App Design