Why Sweetpea?

We go well beyond the app.


There are many mobile developers, agencies and UX experts out there. What makes Sweetpea Mobile different? It starts with our philosophy that the app is just one success factor in mobile.

We help you manage change

We understand that if you’re not already a mobile-centric company, then becoming one can involve significant change. We help you manage this change through team building, and infuse the mobile mindset into your business strategy to build growth.

We’re full-service

We don’t walk away once your app is developed or launched. The way we see it, long-term value should never be sacrificed for short-term gain. Through an integrated set of services including analytics, software iteration, reviews and audits, we deliver remarkable solutions that evolve with shifts in your business, technology, and customer needs.

our secret sauce

✓  Extensive knowledge in engaging a wide range of end customers and users
✓  Early, data-driven user testing to ensure optimal design and workflow
✓  Deep knowledge of the latest Google and Apple APIs
✓  Ability to match the right technologies and hardware with apps and mobile devices
✓  Expertise to increase app visibility and downloads in App Stores